Membership is selective. Space is shared.

When designing Studios we aimed to build a functional, versatile space that can change and transform to suit the needs of the day or evening: events, discussions, group brainstorms, games, focused sprints. Move the furniture around: this is your club.

This is the new club for the tech ecosystem.

Space to meet, connect, do a bit of work, and grab a bite to eat. Join us for an event or take a meeting, members are welcome to take full advantage of the space and benefits.

Dedicated, reservable space: The Library

At the back of the club is a fully-enclosable space to host events and team meetings. We call this room The Library. It's a place for focus and gatherings. Also there are books: check out our Build & Borrow Book Shelf.

8am to 8pm: Come on in, stay a while.

Studios is open 8am to 8pm and sometimes later. Come for the morning light and free coffee and breakfast snacks, stay for the nearly nightly events on digital citizenry, best business practices, and personal wellness. Enjoy a beer too, if you're into that.

Bring in guests, clients, potential clients, and visitors from far away places. Offer them a complimentary Dirty Lemon drink or sparkling water from our Bevi. Really though, Studios is your club, a space where you can work and relax, take meetings and make new friends.

Betaworks Studios

29 Little West 12th Street
New York, NY 10014

Open 8am—8pm Weekdays

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