Betaworks Studios

A new kind of community

Betaworks Studios membership is a new kind of community, where a vast network of accomplished builders are supported by a physical space and online connections. We exist to help you feed your curiosity, challenge the status quo, and build your next big thing.

Membership to Studios is not just about “growing your contact list”, but rather meeting and getting introduced to the right individuals with the right experience and expertise to support and advise you—and each other. Betaworks has spent over 10 years funding or incubating companies (like Giphy, Dots, and Chartbeat) developing a sizable network of builders, investors, and technologists. With Studios, we are growing this community even more. Are you our next member?

Your first step toward membership is your application.

Let us know a bit about yourself and your work, and let's sort out the best membership plan for you. (And tell your friends.)

  • 12-Month Membership

    Our premier offering. The best of the best.

    • Full access to the space, community, and staff hospitality
    • On the list for the RENDER conference series and all Betaworks events
    • A member connector to help with warm introductions, feedback, and guidance
    • Unlimited snacks and beverages

    Annual $2400

    Annual commitment at one payment or 12 monthly installments of $225


  • 3-Month Membership

    For those afraid of commitment.

    • Full access to the space, community, and staff hospitality
    • On the list for the RENDER conference series and all Betaworks events
    • A member connector to help with warm introductions, feedback, and guidance
    • Unlimited snacks and beverages


    3-month commitment with advance payment. No take-backsies.


  • Out-of-Town Membership

    Perfect for non-NYC residents who call NYC home a few days a month.

    • Full access to Studios when you're in NYC.
    • On the list for 2 paid events of your choice
    • Attend any live streams including RENDER conferences
    • No snacks. (Ok, all the snacks IRL.)

    Annual $900

    Annual commitment; proof of residence outside NY, NJ, CT required.


  • 25 & Under Membership

    Born after 1994 but have a good thing going? We see you.

    • All the benefits of membership with respect to your $1 pizza budget.
    • On the list for the RENDER conferences
    • Warm introductions, feedback, guidance
    • Unlimited snacks and beverages

    Annual $900

    Annual commitment at one payment or 12 monthly installments of $80


Enjoy a membership with benefits.

Full Access to the Space (weekdays 8am–8pm)
Guests are welcome!
Podcast Studio
Plug-and-play recording and on-hand assistance.
Reservable Conference Rooms
Private space for meetings beyond our velvet banquettes and sunny window seats.

And So On

  • Invitations to all Betaworks events including everything from RENDER to weekly rituals
  • Friendly, helpful staff (but, really)
  • Unlimited snacks and bottomless beverages
  • Office hours with experts and leaders
  • Whiteboards and breakout space
  • Mail and package receiving
  • Lockers and bike racks

Why join? 🍎🍏🍐🍊

Our members contain multitudes. They aren’t “just” founders, investors, engineers, designers, writers—most are doing many things and see themselves as a combination of identities. We are CEOs and CTOs, coders and storytellers, optimists, activists, and futurists. Our commonalities are passion to create, and our beliefs and values:

Building something great requires collaboration.

We’re here to learn and teach. Great ideas may come from within but they come alive when made together.

Technology and entrepreneurship are reshaping the world.

It’s clear now that technology is both the problem and the answer. How can we build better?

The future needs to be constructed.

Join the visionaries who are doing the shaping.

And So On

  • Build for people. Build from trust.
  • Diversity, both literal and cognitive, is part of the strength of our community. Respect.
  • See the forest for the trees.
  • Challenge what you know.
  • Humans are weird. Tech should be a reflection of your needs but also your dreams, hopes, quirks, insecurities, fears and aspirations.

Members Say

  • As an early-stage startup founder, I joined Betaworks Studios to find access to a community of fellow builders and makers. It’s been such a vibrant haven to take meetings, explore talks, and meet other members in person. Through the connections I’ve made here, I’ve met a handful of fellow founders and mentors that have been invaluable resources as we continue to grow our company.

    —Madelin Woods, CEO and Founder, Walden

  • The programming at Betaworks Studios is next level. Exposure to the inside track/minds of the tech industry’s leaders. I am a cynical mofo, but it is truly unparalleled versus any other kind of member's club or co-working space.

    —Jules Ehrhardt, First Human, FKTRY

  • Betaworks Studios takes care of me so I can focus on taking care of my business. Everything from the space, programming and "builder energy" to the programming in the community inspires me every day and contributes to the way I build my early-stage company. Plus, their team gives amazing individual attention to each member and makes sure we are connected to the right people in the space to help move our ideas forward.

    —Danielle Letayf, Founder, Badassery

  • Studios is unlike any other place because it’s a club of thinkers and builders that are genuinely invested in helping others succeed. I’ve been blown away by people’s willingness to offer time, advice, and make intros. Studios members have personally helped me build my business by connecting with people who can do everything from build data models to pitch decks.

    —Ambika Nigam, Founder and CEO of Zeit

What happens at Betaworks Studios?

We host events, sessions, rituals, and experiences every day here at the club. Sometimes we have multiple events: breakfast discussions, lunch workshops, and evening talks. Our programming is interactive and participatory, intimate and generous.

We’ve welcomed notables and achievers in finance, politics, community design, growth, creative, and humane technology to name a few arenas. To call out some specific individuals who have led conversations here: Bill and Hillary Clinton, Malcolm Gladwell, Tristane Harris, Julianne Moore, Douglas Rushkoff, Seth Godin, Beth Comstock, Baratunde Thurston, Andrew Yang, Pete Buttiegieg, Dennis Crowley, Jaron Lainer… the list goes on, and grows every day. Members have access to all of this. At the club, every event is a shared conversation.

When you’re ready, apply for membership.

That’s the first step. Then, join for an event or book a visit. We’re here, doors open, every weekday 8am to 8pm in New York City’s revitalized Meatpacking District. It’s great. Stop by next time you’re visiting the Whitney or strolling The Highline. This is where Betaworks has called home since 2008.

Apply for Membership

Corporate Membership? Let’s talk.

Want to foster innovative thinking and new connections within your company? Join Grey, The New York Times, and others as corporate members and access our network of people and ideas. Corporations are not people. But you’re not all bad.

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